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Worksheets and homework materials will be updated each week to provide learning opportunities at home during the Covid-19 stay at home.

Mrs. Gray will also continue to add videos, along with Mrs. Potter, to the Facebook group. 

Please communicate with Mrs. Gray through the Remind app. She will be checking the app periodically to respond to questions. 


The homework or any practice pages are not required, and simply available to help during this unique time period. We will not be collecting, grading, or evaluating the work. 

Please note:

The resources and materials are available for students in Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Potter’s classrooms. The materials are regularly used to supplement instruction in the classroom. They are the copyright of the publishers, and if any issues arrive, we will take down materials as requested.

The website is normally used as a staging area for testing ideas and concepts. It is not a school district property. The hosting service is not robust, but should serve this purpose. 

Downloads may be slow as some of the files are large. If you have issues downloading the pdf files, please try from a broadband connection. 

Video files on this site are linked from YouTube, but will play on the site.

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