15 ideas about assessment data

Assessment data thoughts

  1. Assessment quality is critical. A weak test provides bad data.
  2. More bang for the buck, spend time and money on creating quality assessments, not cool technology.
  3. Only high-quality district assessments provide useful data.
  4. Dashboards are not as helpful to teachers as most think.
  5. Use state test data for information on student groups and trends. The data tells you more about parents, school programs, and environment than individual teachers.
  6. District assessment programs should focus on big picture decisions, not individual classrooms.
  7. District assessments designed to help classroom instructional decisions try to accomplish too much.
  8. Predictive assessment data is useful as long as they don’t take significant time or money.
  9. Predictive assessments used for state test planning narrow curriculum.
  10. Diagnostic assessments should be used by teams and departments to plan for instruction and reaching goals, not for prediction.
  11. District programs benefit from different data sets than the classroom and are the reason classroom teachers do not always understand the thinking behind district assessments.
  12. Classroom assessments produce better information for the teacher than district tests.
  13. Teachers need support creating classroom assessments.
  14. High-quality curriculum and materials help improve performance data.
  15. Short term or constant change in focus does not lead to long term success.