Create high quality assessments


Create classroom assessments

Why do we need this test?

Why am I administering this assessment?

Purpose of the assessment

The use of the data defines the aim of the test.

Questions to determine need

  1. How will this assessment help learning and instruction?
  2. Why do we need the student performance data?
  3. What use do we have for the student results?
  4. How will the data be used to help students improve learning?
  5. Will the results help instruction?
  6. Is the data going to be shared?
  7. How will feedback from the assessment help our students?
  8. Are all students expected to take the test?
  9. What accommodations are acceptable?
  10. What intervention will we use to improve future learning?

Focus each assessment on your instructional goals and needs.

  1. Outline or blueprint the assessment.
  2. Select a test format that best suits your data needs and instructional focus in the classroom.
  3. Add passages, items, and prompts that match the skills and concepts from your outline.
  4. Balance the rigor and complexity of the assessment including readings, graphs, and illustrations.
  5. Avoid items that cue or answer other questions on the test.
  6. Create an assessment a student will finish in your expected schedule.

Review and question the items

  • Does the item mix assess the standards in more than one way?
  • Does each standard or domain tested match instruction and the standards?
  • Does each item measure the expected learning in the classroom?
  • Is there a proper mix of item difficulty and complexity for the overall test and each concept?
  • Does every question measure a skill or content identified in the plan or outline?
  • Do the questions work together to create a complete picture of student learning?
  • Do any questions cue or help answer other items?