Help struggling content area readers


Good habits for struggling readers

Reading independence happens when students purposely use their reading skills to enhance learning.

What skills do our students need to independently learn from reading informational text?

  • Basic reading skills to comprehend text
  • A vocabulary to support learning from content area reading
  • Approach text based on common subject area text structure
  • Able to read age-appropriate text fluently
  • Understand the reasons for using text to learn
  • Background knowledge to support meaning from the text

Prepare struggling readers for content area reading

  • Preview key concepts or vocabulary
  • Plan pre-read discussions
  • Write pre and post reading to target key learning
  • Read complex text in chunks to scaffold learning and check for understanding
  • Practice making inferences from text at central learning points
  • Model and practice thinking techniques while students are using complex text
  • Teach, model, and practice word strategies
  • Implement targeted vocabulary curriculum along with increased reading time