Reader skills, characteristics, and text


Reader skills

  • Literacy skills in content areas, including language arts
  • Ability to analyze text for structure and style
  • Determine an author’s purpose
  • Understand the intended audience for the text
  • Balance the reader’s skill and the readability of the text
  • Students comprehension levels with similar text complexity

Characteristics of text

  • Structure of text
  • Arrangement of ideas
  • Amount of distracting information and unity of text
  • Logical connection of events
  • Background knowledge of author’s intended audience

Match readers with text

  • Student engagement levels in reading for pleasure and reading to learn
  • Task teacher expects to be completed with text
  • Comprehension success with similar text complexity
  • Scaffold and support system in place to assist student success
  • Formative assessment models that increase complexity in appropriate increments
  • Instructional practice to increase complexity levels over time with students

Source: Text Complexity: Raising Rigor in Reading Frey, Fisher, and Lapp